Daily Evening Chanting – Pure Land Tradition

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Daily Evening Practice:

8:00 – 9:00 pm 念佛一小時
Chant Amitabha Buddha’s name

Great Benefits of Chanting Amitabha Buddha’s Name:
The Sutras say that those who recite Amitabha Buddha’s name with utmost sincerity and one-mindedness will derive ten great benefits:

1. Day and night, they enjoy the invisible protection of all celestial beings, powerful deities and their ‘multitudes of retinues’;

2. Twenty-five great Bodhisattvas, including Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Kuan Yin) and all other Bodhisattvas constantly keep them in mind and protect them;

3. They enjoy the continuous support and protection of Buddhas; Amitabha Buddha emits constant light to gather them;

4. No evil demons, ferocious animals, poisonous snakes or the like can harm them;

5. They do not meet with calamities such as drowning, burning or other violent deaths, nor do they encounter such punishment as being shackled and imprisoned;

6. Previous evil karma is gradually dissipated; the spirits of those whom they have killed in past lives are liberated and no longer seek revenge;

7. They have restful sleep or dream of auspicious events or view the supremely wonderful body of Amitabha Buddha;

8. Their minds are always joyful and at peace, their complexions clear and bright, their bodies filled with energy and strength; whatever they undertake generally will succeed;

9. They are always honored and assisted by others, and are gladly given the same respect reserved for Buddhas;

10. At the time of death, they would not experience fright, as the right thoughts would manifest themselves. If they vow to be reborn to Amitabha Buddha’s Western Pure Land, at their last breath when they are still mindful of Amitabha’s name, they would witness Amitabha Buddha and the Holy Assembly to come to receive them to the Western Pure Land – Land of Ultimate Bliss where they can free themselves from the suffering of continuous rebirths. It is also a land where they can finally attain Buddhahood.

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